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Welcome to Kellamino Special Highschool.

* To become a bench mark, a role model and a centre of excellence that demonstrates and diffuses all dimensions of quality education to all the secondary schools in Tigrai and ultimately breeds itself to other areas of Tigrai regional state there by contributing to the formation of human capital on the region.
* To become an internationally recognized and centre of excellence in high school education. To produce professionally knowledgeable, skilled ethically sound citizens and to prepare them for the promotion to the college of technology. To demonstrate organized modelling effect of good quality education.


Kalamino Special High School went on a tour to the renaissance Dam of Ethiopia from 1-5 February 2009E.C. the tour lasted five days in total and it was an exposure toure to the biggest dam in the country which is playing an irreplaceable role in reuniting the spirit all WEthiopians. The participants of the tour were higher scorers from each class, members of the school student’s paralliament, teachers, school administrators and other members of the non-teaching staff. The purpose of the tour was to ignite patriotism among the school community and to inspire students for a better effart to become change agents in the country. The participants were amazed by what they have seen and they confessed that they are really happy to be members of the historic tour although if was a tinng five days Journer without rest. The school intends to strengthen the culture of exploring such sites in the future.

  • This is to announce that there was a short workshop on teaching methodology.

  • It was 20nd April 2017. This is to announce that there was a short workshop on teaching methodology. It was initiated by social science department aimed to share experiences on how to apply an appropriate teaching methodology in classes. The short work shop helped to share the best approach of teaching and the different lesson skills to be manipulated in classes. The experience sharing was so hot and attendants learned a lot.

    Sharing Experience is a life blood of professional development in teaching

    March 28, 2017 was the day in Which Kallamino Special High school teachers were engaged in discussion on how to make a lesson plan practical in line with active learning. A brief brain storming content on developing a lesson plan was presented by colleague, and participant teachers have forwarded their best practices in developing and practicing a lesson plan. During the discussion, ten time saving strategies in using active learning method were also incorporated. In practicing a lesson plan strategies such as motivating students to read the content before class, providing teaching materials before class and preparing a lesson with a responsibility were recommended by participants..

    The school is always clean,fresh,and interesting to learn in so most of the time students and teachers are concentrated on their work which gives them an experience to do jobs effectively.

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